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The wool of the Babydoll Southdown fleece has been compared to Cashmere which carries a micron between 19 and 22. Although the staple length of the wool is short it mixes very well with other fiber such as Merino and Alpaca.

The Babydoll Southdown is a great choice for grazing vineyards and orchards. Babydoll Southdowns normally have a gentle disposition which allows them to be with other livestock without issue except it is advised not to put them in with any intact males such as Alpaca's and Donkey's. Babydoll Sheep cannot consume feeds with copper.

Babydoll Southdowns are a compact breed which is helpful to breeders who are short on space. Babydolls do not have horns (meaning they are polled) and are non-aggressive by nature. Babydolls are great mothers and lambing is easy for them. Being that they are an ancient breed they are not as prone to some of the issues that many other more modern-day sheep are affected by. 

The Babydoll Southdown Breed was returned after being lost for many years back to England in 1999.

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