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BSSBA - International

BSSBA's Director's Bio's

BSSBA President - Dorla Brown

My experience with livestock started in the 80’s when I first moved into the country.  I was introduced to African Pygmy Goats and within a few years my herd grew to about 35 animals. I competed in local fairs and participated in African Pygmy Goat competitions.  After a few years of breading and buying I ended up with a few blue-ribbon animals. I also raised fainting goats, miniature donkeys, and miniature horses. The miniature horses were my largest focus during the early 90’s. where I tended about ten breading mares, a few stallions, and a stock of about 20 saleable animals.  

Also, in the 90’s I was introduced to Southdown Baby Doll Sheep through the Rare Breads Journal and Robert Mock, who then directed me to a flock of Babydolls for sale in Tennessee.  Robert became a good friend, advisor, and mentor, while giving me an education on raising these precious Babydoll sheep with their smiling faces. They became my true love and focus until 2017 when I liquidated my flock.  During this period, I purchased top quality sheep and selectively bred to obtain a desirable confirmation and varied color combinations. 


Related activates.

  • Participated in many livestock competitions

  • Judged many 4H goat competitions at local fairs

  • Provided Babydoll sheep and Pygmy goats too appear on Good Morning America and Fox News

  • Michelle our Fainting goat played her part in The Deviled Advocate

  • Published article in Rare Breads Journal on White muscle disease in sheep

  • Assisted local veterinarian in AI procedures

  • Have acted as a mentor to many novice sheep and goat breeders

BSSBA Vice President - Tabetha Kile

Hi, my name is Tabetha Kile but everyone calls me Tab.  I live in the heart of Central Missouri just 1/2 hour from the beautiful "Lake of The Ozarks" with my husband of 13 yrs and my 2 sons, 17 and 9 yrs old.  I have an extensive career with Law Enforcement and Corrections on the County and State levels.  In 2005 that all came to a stop with the birth of my son and medical needs.  In 2016 i came across pictures and articles of these adorable smiling sheep, acquired my first breeding group shortly after and have been raising Babydoll Sheep ever since.  I am happy to serve as Vice President with BSSBA and look forward to the growth of BSSBA in the coming years. 

BSSBA Treasurer - Candie Francher

Hi Everyone, my name is Candie Francher.  I am the Treasurer of BSSBA. I live in Dinwiddie, Va with my husband Greg and 20 y/o daughter Aviana. Our son Bailey is 23 and is the 4th generation to serve his country in the Air Force. I am an Air Force Veteran and have been a Registered Nurse for 23 years. We have had a farm for the past 11 years and we got our first Babydolls in 2015. We started registering our sheep with BSSBA in 2018 when it was first established. We currently have a flock of 11 Babydolls and raise other animals as well. I am happy to serve as Treasurer of BSSBA and look forward to growing our association internationally.

BSSBA Secretary - TBD
BSSBA Trustee - Rachael Loving

Hi, I am Rachael. I run in sanctuary in Richmond, VA for farm animals that need a place to be! (Special needs ones are my favorite color). We care for everything from pigs that fall off trucks to three legged goats!
Babydoll Sheep are the only thing we breed here on purpose. We love to go to
shows to meet others who want to help
preserve this breed. Currently, we have a core flock of 10 and have one little one in the house. Because what is a house without a sheep in it?!

BSSBA Trustee - Rebekka Kramer

Bekka S. Kramer
I reside in Freeman, SD with my husband Jarrod and my bonus kidlets, Genna and Joey.
The children and I have a hobby farm called Over the Moon Farms where we show Babydoll Sheep and Shorthorn cattle. I married Jarrod in 2017 and am originally from Detroit, MI. I feel in LOVE with Babydolls 3 years ago and have been in Shepherdess Heaven ever since.

BSSBA Breed Director - Reni Melvin

My name is Reni Melvin. 

I am the founder of BSSBA and have been a breeder of sheep and cattle for over 28 years. 

I presently live in the Garden State which our farm sits on approximately 15 acres. 

My career beyond being a Shepherdess was a Director of Human Resource for a Medical Publishing company as well as a Business Administrator working for a Medical Diagnostic Company. 

I was a 4-H leader for 25 years and we raise our Babydolls for show. At the present time I am the Chair Organizer for the Garden State Sheep Breeders Wool

and Fiber Festival which has been in existence over 28 years. 

Over the last several years I have dedicated myself in educating Breeders thorough-out the country and internationally regarding sheep management with their breeds. 

I currently sit on three Sheep Registry Board's, and I am Breed Up Director for North America for the Valais Blacknose Sheep and house four different breeds on our farm. We breed through natural means as well as through AI and embryo transplants. We have at any given time between 80 and 100 head in our flock. I am the co- owner along with my husband of Elite Sheep Reproduction, LLC as we sell frozen semen and embryos. 

I look forward to my continued support of the Association and the members across the globe. 

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